August 18 through August 21 at Cascades Camp near Yelm Washington

Sow the Seeds of Faith“Your invitation to join you for the family retreat brought back memories of the many happy weekends that we spent at Buck Creek. My congratulations to the young volunteers who keep the program on your agenda. It is a great get-together for friends and family to get to know each other better. Do not let the tradition fade away.”  -2015 Note from Lou DuCharme

More than fifty years ago Wedgwood Presbyterian booked their first All Church Retreat at Buck Creek Camp. I am so grateful for the dedication of those first organizers who were inspired to plan a retreat for members, friends and newcomers to take a weekend away to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Little did they know that more than fifty years later Wedgwood Presbyterian would still be continuing the tradition of inviting our extended church family to join together in a yearly celebration of our journeys of faith. This year, I hope that you and your family and friends decide to celebrate with us at this fellowship event.

Our retreat dates are August 18 through 21 at thousand-acre Cascades Camp near Yelm. Our theme is “Sow Seeds of Faith.” You can see more about the camp online Some of the activities you can expect are swimming and canoeing in Elbow Lake, singing around the campfire, arts-and-crafts, the famous Saturday night talent show and yummy meals cooked for us. A common sentiment at the end of previous retreats has been that folks wish our time together was longer. So, this year it is! We added an extra day to our usual schedule so that we can have more time to relax, play, hike, swim and enjoy each other’s company. We hope that you’ll be able to arrive on Thursday evening and stay through worship on Sunday morning, but if you can only stay part of the time, don’t let that hold you back! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the cozy accommodations and beautiful setting, so transportation and scholarships are available. Please contact Jennifer at 206-525-8787 or to learn more about this life-giving retreat. -Jennifer H.


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