Sabbath Sunday – September 4  Labor Day Worship Service and Supper Monday, September 5, at 5:00 PM

The elders and I invite you to join us for a worship service and celebration on Labor Day weekend which will be on Monday evening at 5:00 PM rather than at our usual Sunday morning time. The theme of the service will be “God’s Blessing in a New Season” and will be a celebration of the end of summer and beginning of fall. The service will include a particular time of blessing for the children and youth who will be starting school in the next few days following Labor Day but will also include blessings for those returning to work or who are entering a new season in life.

Following the service, we will enjoy a supper and celebration on the lawn. We have hired Dante’s Inferno Dogs to provide our meal. There will be a hot dog cart with six different varieties of hot dogs and sausages (including two vegetarian options), sixteen toppings for the dogs/sausages, plus chips and soft drinks. There will also be fruit and some kind of sweet treat for dessert. As we get closer to the event, there will be an opportunity for people to make donations to help cover the costs of the dinner.

We plan to have some lawn games and (hopefully) pickleball on the paved parking lot. We also invite those with musical instruments to bring them for an informal concert/jam session.

On Sunday morning, during the hours when you would usually be in worship, we invite you into an intentional time of Sabbath. Sabbath is a time to feast, to play, to enjoy the company of others and the beauty of the world around you. It is a time to set aside activities that bring worry or anxiety and to rest from your labor. For a couple of hours, turn off the phone ringer, the television, the radio, the computer and spend the time in a way that helps you find God’s presence in your life –

† go for a walk in the woods or along the beach and give thanks for the beauty of God’s creation,

† join others for a meal at home or in a local restaurant and remember Jesus gathering for meals with his disciples,

† tend to your garden and remember all the ways the Holy Spirit nurtures and tends you.

The range of Sabbath activities is as varied as we are!

We hope you’ll join us for this beginning of fall celebration of Sabbath, worship and dinner.

Grace and peace,







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