Below are some photos of several of our church members working on a chalet which is a fancy name for five tiny, old and well-loved cabins at Sound View Presbyterian Camp. You may have even stayed in a chalet as a youth or adult. I know of at least twenty of our members who have spent a week or more in a chalet for summer camp. The chalets have screen windows and screen doors and no insulation or heat. The cost to renovate one chalet with real windows, insulation, new siding, electrical, doors and heat is $1500.00.

Our Session voted for the youth to take a special offering on Youth Sunday to try to raise the funds to renovate one of these chalets. One exciting outcome of this motion is that six of our church friends have been at camp having fun working on the renovation. You can join them too! Let Jennifer know if you have an interest in helping remodeling. And, another exciting outcome is that this chalet our members have been working on is going to be named the Wedgwood Chalet.

The congregation was very supportive on Youth Sunday and the children were squirming with joy when I told them about your collective generous donation. If this is your first time hearing about the Youth Sunday offering and you would like to donate additional funds, please make a note on your donation that it is for the Sound View chalet renovation and send it to the church office or put it into the Sunday offering plate. And, thank you for your continuing support of camping ministry!


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