Session approved installing a Little Free Pantry, LFP (more information below) at church. The youth at church were offered the opportunity to assist with this building project for the community. Below is a set of photos of people receiving instructions and using power tools to assemble the LFP. There will be more work parties with the youth and Andy to complete the LFP. Look for the pantry showing up on the south lawn in the future. How can you help? Keep reading.

About Little Free Pantries
In all places, the Little Free Pantry is for those who want and/or need to give.

How does the Little Free Pantry differ from other food banks?

  • The LFP is small, so it cannot stock the quantity and variety that food banks do. For this reason, it should not be relied on for meeting pervasive need
  • Anyone may access the LFP at any time.
  • Food banks operate as service providers, those who use them as clients. The LFP dissolves that professional boundary. Whether stocking or taking stock, everyone approaches the LFP the same way.
  • Food banks are critical in addressing food insecurity. But some fall through the cracks. The LFP is a safety net.
  • The LFP is a proving ground, testing concepts like community, charity, justice, and sharing economy.

How does the Little Free Pantry get stocked?

  • The LFP is stocked organically, by me and you, church goers and the community. Those who wish to contribute may do so at their discretion when convenient. Sometimes demand outpaces supply, so the LFP is empty. However, empty shelves are problematic only if no one is contributing.

What gets stocked?

  • Generally, canned vegetables and proteins (nonexpired), personal care items, and paper goods go fast. Kid-friendly non-perishable food items, crayons, and inexpensive party favor items are great for Summer!

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