Thank you for keeping us updated on your offerings for the Pantry!  I can tell you it is being well-used by people who are accepting offerings and by those of you dropping off items.  It appears that all kinds of items are getting picked up – masks, toothbrushes, wipes, feminine hygiene items, produce from the garden, canned fruit and vegetables, peanut butter, jelly, tuna, mac and cheese, cereal, etc.  My thought is if it is something you like to eat, someone else most likely will too.  I’ve even put in a few small stuffed animals and toys and they went fast too.  Thank you, Leota for gifting me with the kid’s donations.  So far, the Pantry has been in a state of being full one day and being nearly empty by the next day (only to get refilled again).  So, what you have been doing has been great.  Keep up the good works! -Jennifer H.

For more information on the Little Free Pantry, check out our other post:

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