This year, we are inviting our church community into a season of spiritual practices. We will be using a devotional called “Lenten Micropractices” which invites us to practice our faith in at least one small way each day. These devotionals were distributed via our Lenten bags. If you didn’t receive the Lenten delivery bag and would like a copy of the “Lenten Micropractices” devotional, please email me, and I will reply with it attached as a PDF.

For those who wish to dig a little deeper into the realm of spiritual practice, I invite you to join me in reading and reflecting on Marjorie Thompson’s classic book “Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life.” We’ll be reflecting on a different chapter in the book each of the first five weeks of Lent both during Sunday morning prayer and during Dwelling in the Word on Monday evenings. We’ll engage in the classic spiritual practices of spiritual reading, prayer, sabbath, fasting, and confession. The paperback version of the 2014 revised edition can be ordered through local bookstores and is available through online retailers. There are also digital and audio formats available.

And for those who enjoy color, shape, and image, there is a devotional coloring book based on “Soul Feast.”

I plan to introduce each of the five chapters of “Soul Feast” that we’ll be covering during the season of Lent on Sunday during morning prayer then we’ll pray a portion of that chapter together during Dwelling in the Word on the Monday evening following. Here is the schedule:

Sunday, February 21 Chapter 2 Spiritual Reading

Sunday, February 28 Chapter 3 Prayer

Sunday, March 7 Chapter 5 Sabbath

Sunday, March 14 Chapter 6 Fasting

Sunday, March 21 Chapter 7 Confession

The coloring book has pages that are related to these chapters — some more closely than others. If you wish to work on a page related to our weekly topics, I suggest the following:

Sunday, February 21     Illustration 3            Spiritual Reading Is like Spiritual Coloring

Sunday, February 28      Illustration 7            Coloring as Prayer

Sunday, March 7 Illustration 9            Sabbath

Sunday, March 14 Illustration 11           Letting Go

Sunday, March 21 Illustration 12           Humility

It is my hope and prayer that through these and other practices, we will each experience the deepening, enriching presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the season of Lent.

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