Friday, December 24 is Christmas Eve, and we will be gathering together at 7:30 PM to celebrate the nativity of the Lord. You are invited to participate in the service in whatever way is best for you – either online using our regular Zoom connection or onsite following our COVID protocols (masked, soft singing, etc.).

As we have in previous years, we will be progressively lighting candles to represent the miraculous birth of the Christ child culminating in the singing of “Silent Night” in candle light. If you will be worshiping online and would like a set of candles to light at home as we tell and sing the story, please let Pastor Karen know by Sunday, December 19. She will assemble Christmas Eve candle packs, and you may pick one up at church as early as the 19th or she can deliver a set to you if you live in the greater Seattle area. The candle packs will include one set of nativity candles (white, blue, brown, cream, and gold) and as many white candles and drip catchers as you need for the singing of “Silent Night.” Please be sure to tell Pastor Karen how many people will be worshiping with you so she can include enough white candles and drip catchers.

Contact the church office at or 206-525-8787 if you need more information or Zoom link.

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