To Friends and Families with Elementary Aged Children,

Elementary Fellowship will start Wednesday, October 11th.  Your children are invited to join us for dinner, games, Bible Study, crafts and more from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.  Your children are welcome to invite a friend too!  I usually serve an entree, vegetables, fruit, and a small dessert.  Please let me know if they have any food allergies.

You can enter the church at the 80th street doors (parking lots south and east of the church) and bring your child downstairs to Fellowship Hall.  There will be a sign in/out sheet and contact information forms located on a table at the bottom of the stairs for you to complete. Your children can come to one or as many of the dates that work with your household schedule.  We have a great group of seasoned volunteers (Nancy C. and Kayla R.) running this fun program.  In the future, you may see other teens and adults that you are familiar with who have been asked to help.  Please call Jennifer at the church office for more information and schedule.

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