At Wedgwood Presbyterian, we strive to respond to God by faithful stewardship of our resources, time, and talents, including involvement in our local, national, and world communities.

Peace Fellowship

Wedgwood Peace Fellowship joins with the Peace and Justice groups at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic church, University Unitarian Church, Occupy NE Seattle (ONES) and Assumption Catholic Church in forming the Wedgwood Justice and Peace Coalition (WJPC). The WJPC presents the Wedgwood Meaningful Movies the second Friday of the month each month. These movies cover relevant topics of social justice and environmental issues followed by a community discussion or presentation. Other activities include:

  • Presentations and information on relevant peace and justice topics and events to our congregation and community.

  • Organize our congregation for rallies or activities on political issues concerning the environment, economic justice, and gun control.

  • Sell Fair Trade products during coffee hour. The funds from these sales are used to promote Peace Fellowship activities.

  • Coordinate with the larger Meaningful Movies Coalition to present city-wide coordinated movies and to attend trainings.

  • WJPC also protests at Wedgwood Bank of America once a month informing bankers of the private prison atrocities funded through big banks, and to encourage customers to move their money to local banks and credit unions.

Teen Feed

A long-running mission at Wedgwood Presbyterian has been cooking, prepping and serving a monthly dinner at Teen Feed, a program for homeless and at-risk youth.  This is a joint ministry between the Deacons [new name?] and the Youth Group.

North Helpline Food Bank

We are active in supplying food items, packing parties and home and church-grown produce for North Helpline Emergency Services and Food Bank.  Our choir participates in a yearly joint choir concert raising funds to benefit North Helpline.  Look for the red North Helpline food barrel in our hallway.

Fair Trade Sales 

Each month Wedgwood Presbyterian Church sells chocolate, tea, and coffee to support small scale farmer co-operatives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia who get a fair price for their product. Equal Exchange worker-owned co-operatives use sustainable farming practices that are better for the environment. Proceeds from the sales go to support Wedgwood Peace Fellowship activities.

Blood Drive

Three times a year Wedgwood hosts a blood drive with Blood Works Northwest.

Wildlife Garden

Produce from the Wildlife Garden located on the church’s south lawn has been collected regularly during the summer and donated to North Helpline food pantry. Stop by to see the eggplants, tomatoes, and giant sunflowers or to rest on the large cedar rounds placed in the garden.

Community Meetings

Wedgwood Presbyterian serves as a meeting place for a wide variety of groups, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Wedgwood Council, bridge, book, and art groups, and other community oriented groups.


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